Five reasons Pure Island Grass-Fed Beef Is Great

 Many claims are made about grass fed beef. But are they true? The proof is in the proverbial pudding!!  We think our grass fed beef tastes great and is great for you.

Here are the specific technical reasons why Pure Island beef is consistently better, year round:


1. Lab tests prove Pure Island grass-fed is more healthful.


The attraction of grass-fed beef is the more healthful composition of the fat compared with grain-fed. But not all grass-fed beef is raised on a diet free of grain like it's supposed to be. Click here for the details of an independent test of the health composition of 14 samples of grass-fed beef done by University of Toronto professor Richard P. Bazinet. Pure Island beef came out on top with the most healthful fat composition.  


2. Generous fat covering.

Consumers say they want grass-fed beef, but if you've been in the meat business very long you know that the eating quality of some grass-fed beef often leaves a lot to be desired. Too dry and too tough are common complaints. Pure Island grass-fed beef aims to be tender and juicy because we raise it differently. We don't just take our animals off pasture and send them to the abattoir. We also finish each one on a forage only diet made from nutrient dense legumes and grasses from our best fields. 


3. Year-Round Quality & Supply

Traditionally, grass-fed beef in Ontario is a seasonal product available from June to November. Since we finish our grass-fed beef on pasture in the summer and on excellent stored forages in the winter, we produce excellent grass-fed beef year-round. The quality of what we ship our customers in February is as good as what we ship in August. 


4. Real Dry Aging

A proper fat covering on the outside of our beef means that we can dry-age it longer and better than other producers. We're not aware of any farm producer of beef that ages as long and as well as we do. We dry-age our grass fed beef up to 30 days.



5. We've Got a Great Story

Pure Island beef is sustainably produced exclusively on Manitoulin Island on our family farm. The limestone landscape and soils of Manitoulin have a long history of producing excellent beef. Our cool, marine micro-climate is ideal for producing excellent forage crops for our Angus and Shorthorn herd. Click below to watch our video story . . .