Are you missing the green grass as much as we are? Step back in time to the grazing season of 2015 and visit one of our Pure Island pastures here on Manitoulin Island. Have faith! The world will get warm again!

See for yourself why Pure Island grass-finished beef is exceptional and what you can expect when  you sit down to enjoy it. Watch family farmers Jim and Birgit Martin tell the story of Manitoulin’s own Pure Island beef:


Mario Fiorucci and Dave Meli own The Healthy Butcher in Toronto – one of the leading retailers of healthful meat in the city, and they traveled to Manitoulin Island to visit Pure Island Beef Farm in September 2015 with camera in hand. They'd tried our beef for themselves and wanted to see where it came from and if our claims about Pure Island were true. Watch the video below as Dave and the Pure Island farm family chat about pastures, our cattle herd, and the key to producing the kind of healthy pasture and grain-free winter feed that makes Pure Island beef what it is. This video is entirely the work of Mario and Dave. We didn't know what they would say about us until we saw the video ourselves!