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Pure Island Beef "By the Quarter"

Want lots of beef and a lower per pound cost, but don't have the space for a full side? Quarters are the way to go. We can offer both our grass-finished and extreme aged beef at a better prices by the quarter because of the larger volume.


All prices are per pound including cutting and wrapping. About 30% to 35% of overall weight is lost due to trimming and bones removed, depending on how you want your beef cut. Quarters usually work out to around 105–125 lbs. of meat after cutting and wrapping, with a price range of $850–$980 for extreme aged beef, or roughly $1015–$1170 for grass fed (depending on the size of the particular animal).


Extreme Aged Beef Quarter

$5.15 per pound

  •  165 - 190 lbs. (75 - 86 kg)
  •  Available
  •  Delivery times vary based on beef availability

Grass Fed Beef Quarter

$6.15 per pound

  •  165 - 190 lbs. (75 - 86 kg)
  •  Available
  •  Delivery times vary based on beef availability