Rich flavour and textures. Comes in 1 lb. packages or burger patties.

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Old-Fashioned Ground Beef Box

Think ground beef is boring? You probably haven’t tried ours. Many of our customers just love the taste, texture and smell of our ground beef. You can really tell the difference between what we produce and the regular stuff. Made only with 100% pure grass-fed or extreme-aged beef that’s always frozen with hours after grinding. No fillers, no added water, no growth hormones and no antibiotic residues. Just good, honest grass-fed ground beef the way it used to be.


Available as patties or wrapped in convenient 1 lb. packages in brown paper. If you opt for patties, the 10 lb. box contains 30 ground beef patties (1/3 lb. patties). The 30 lb. box contains 90 patties (1/3 lb. patties). Click on the drop down box for prices.


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